Bargains on Dekalb Avenue – via NY Daily News

Dekalb Avenue's Andy Poulos of Andy's Clinton Hill Diner - PHOTO: Siegel for News

Dekalb Avenue's Andy Poulos of Andy's Clinton Hill Diner - PHOTO: Siegel for News

In case you haven’t seen this one, the NY DAILY NEWS recently ran an article about how there are bargains to be had in Fort Greene… and check this out…. most of the bargains they talked about were along Dekalb Avenue. There’s always deals to be had whether it’s all-you-can-eat Mussels at Chez Oskar or the special menus at Cafe e Vino or free wine tastings at Thirst. Here’s a sampling of the other finds the Daily News discovered:

PHARMACY: Behrens Pharmacy,
231 DeKalb Ave (@ CLERMONT).; (718) 638-4350
The first thing you’ll notice when you step into Behrens Pharmacy is how jam-packed the shelves are. The next thing you’ll notice is how low the prices are. Behrens offers unusually good deals on name-brand cosmetics and toiletries. Be sure to check out the selection of greeting cards for only 99 cents each.

TAKEOUT: Black Iris, 228 DeKalb Ave. (@ CLERMONT); (718) 852-9800
A neighborhood favorite, Black Iris serves up tasty Middle Eastern cuisine at reasonable prices seven days a week. Pick up an order of takeout, dine in or take advantage of the free delivery service, but just be sure to try it. Falafel sandwiches are $4.50 and individual 10-inch “pitzas” start at $5.

DINER: Andy’s Clinton Hill Restaurant
245 DeKalb Ave. (@ VANDERBILT); (718) 398-8112
The most popular items on this diner’s menu include whole wheat pancakes and waffles and assorted Greek specialties. In addition to favorites like omelets and burgers, Andy’s offers menu items not found at the average diner, such as broiled tilapia with a choice of two sides for $8.25 and a selection of beer and wines.

GROCERY STORE: Fort Greene Food Market, 186 DeKalb Ave. (@ CARLTON);
(718) 858-4438
Head to this neighborhood market for basic groceries such as extra large eggs for $1.99 a dozen and your choice of two Tropicana juices for $3. Or skip the trip to the store and have your groceries delivered. Delivery is free.

DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERMAT: Chinese Laundry and Dry Cleaners, 178 DeKalb Ave.(@ CARLTON); (718) 858-3648
For more than 50 years, Fort Greene residents have known where to turn for their dry cleaning and alteration needs. A variety of alterations are available from basic hems to inner lining replacement. Get your shirts and pants dry cleaned for $3 and jackets and uniforms for $6.

COFFEE SHOP: Bittersweet,
180 DeKalb Ave. (@ CARLTON); (718) 852-2556
From the $2.50 children’s cone to the 16-ounce coffees for $2, there is something for customers of all ages at Bittersweet. Purchase one of their reusable tumblers and get 25 cents off every coffee you buy to fill it. Want something sweet to pair with your cup of joe? The tasty Balthazar baked goods here are sold for 50% off starting at 3:30 p.m. every day.

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Outdoor dining, drinking and lounging—all along Dekalb

PHOTO: Lars Klove for The New York Times

PHOTO: Lars Klove for The New York Times

Restaurants featuring foods from around the world with tables out front or in gardens out back. Coffee bars, cafes and pubs with outdoor seating, too. Shops and boutiques with their doors wide open. Plus something of an ice-cream lovers paradise with chefs competing to ramp up the basic egg/cream/sugar formula. And then, there’s one of Brooklyn’s great parks and everything you need for a picnic available at any of a number of spots along the Avenue. It’s summer on Dekalb Avenue. Enjoy!

July 4 Food, Music, and perhaps even… sunshine?

Live Music on Dekalb Avenue. June 21, 2009.

Live Music on Dekalb Avenue. June 21, 2009.

Fort Greene is the place to be, well that’s according to everybody who lives here and now an article that appeared in the New York Post on June 25, 2009. And with DEKALB AVENUE running through the heart of this great neighborhood… only steps from almost every subway line in the city… you can see why. Come for the FLEA, stay for lunch, catch some music and honor those who died for our country and made July 4th possible. Details below and all kinds of opportunities for a nice weekend up and down the avenue.

(Final day until September)
The Artisan Market along DEKALB AVENUE in Fort Greene Park creates a veritable outdoor sidewalk gallery showing a wide range of functional and collectible art and design items. Artists personally display and sell only their own original creations. More on the market and the artists, visit:

This unique Brooklyn group of musicians have created a truly post-modern yet beautifully melodic album incorporating diverse influences from 1960’s free-bop, contemporary classical funk and Chinese pop music. DEKALB AVENUE @ WASHINGTON PARK

Celebrate July 4th and those who made it possible by visiting one of the most significant Revolutionary War memorials in the entire country: The Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park. The Monument, a newly-restored column, crypt and plaza is a 1908 memorial to the 11,000 men and boys who died in horrid conditions on the British Prison Ships docked in Wallabout Bay during the Revolutionary War. For more information about the monument, its role in the formation of our country and the park that was once known as “Fort Putnam”, visit:

1:00PM, Saturday, July 4
Celebrate Independence Day with a guided tour of historic Fort Greene Park and discover the role this park played in The American Revolution.

The harvest is in full gear at the Farmer’s Market at Fort Greene Park. Come for some incredible strawberries and leave with so much more. DEKALB AVENUE at Washington Park in Fort Greene. If you are an early bird, there are several excellent coffee craftsmen and pastry pros within steps of the market.

Saturday, July 4
Located just one block from the restaurants, cafes, shops and boutiques of Fort Greene’s DEKALB AVENUE, the FLEA is a browser’s paradise for things old, new and anywhere in-between. Check out the Flea and then work your way down DEKALB AVENUE for a pint of beer, some ice cream, a sandwich, or a leisurely lunch at an outdoor café or… pick up the makings of a picnic and even some wine on your way to Fort Greene Park (though you aren’t really supposed to have an “open container” in public!). Along with some great coffee places, it’s all right here.

All through July:
At Tillies, right in the heart of Fort Greene at 248 DEKALB AVENUE (@ Vanderbilt). For details visit:

Kick off the summer on DEKALB AVENUE in Fort Greene. Leave the Hamptons to… well the Hamptons. In the meantime get on your bike, hop almost any subway line or just start walking across the bridge and you are here.

Happy 4th.

BAM Screens Movie in FG Park – FREE

Saturday, June 27 at 8:30
Doors & live music at 6pm / Screening at 8:30pm
Outdoor screening in Fort Greene Park


BAM is screening a free movie this Saturday, June 27 in Fort Greene Park. The movie is called “What’s On Your Plate” and is a new film that’s being shown as part of Part of BAMcinemaFEST and Afro-Punk Festival. There will be seating available, or people can bring a blanket and sit on the grass.

Stop by the many restaurants, cafes, shops and boutiques of Fort Greene’s Dekalb Avenue before heading to the park.

About the film: “What’s On Your Plate
Through the eyes of two intelligent and inquisitive eleven-year-old girls from New York we follow the many paths, conflicting economics, and the disparate decision makers who all play a part in what we eat. A great film that presents a variety of perspectives on how food reaches our urban community and its associated challenges.

Make Music NY on Dekalb – June 21

MMNY_pigeon_colorSUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009 Stroll Fort Greene’s Dekalb Avenue and hear live musical performances all day starting at 11am and continuing until 8pm. (VIEW SCHEDULE) Performances at 3 locations: 1) Dekalb Avenue and Clermont, 2) Dekalb between Carlton and Adelphi and 3) in Fort Greene Park at the Martyrs Monument. There will be over 850 concerts throughout NYC on this one day event MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK, and on Dekalb Avenue there will be a mix of Afro Beat, Japanese Gypsy Rock, Electrified Folk Country & Jazz, plus Gospel and a full program of Opera. Bring dad and have something to eat at one of the many outdoor restaurants and cafes or pick up food for a picnic in Fort Greene Park. Subway: Q/R to DEKALB. 2/3/4/5 to NEVINS. A/C to LAFAYETTE. G to FULTON STREET. And just about every train stops at FLATBUSH.

Dinner & Movie – Roof Top Films @ Brooklyn Tech

Roof Top Films

Wow! What an idea… catching a movie out under the stars, up on the roof of Brooklyn Tech on Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn’s own Fort Greene. ROOF TOP FILMS’ 2009 Summer Series has begun. For details and listings visit their website. And know that within a few blocks of this amazing “movie palace” in the sky, there are some of Brooklyn’s great restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. So whether it is dinner before the movie or after… a pint of beer or a serving of Tiramisu… or even packing a picnic to take with you, it’s all here on Dekalb Avenue (just steps from the Dekalb Avenue Subway station). And, be on the lookout for exciting information about MAKE MUSIC NY on June 21, and a schedule of LIVE perfomances on Dekalb Avenue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn!

Art, Food, Wine… What a Weekend!

2009 Sonya Studio Stroll, Saturday/Sunday, May 16-17 (Rain or Shine)

2009 Sonya Studio Stroll, Saturday/Sunday, May 16-17 (Rain or Shine)

The Annual SONYA STUDIO STROLL, showcasing more than 40 artists and their work, plus several public art projects and the PRATT sculpture garden open to the public, is to be held this Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17, 2009. It’s FREE… self-guided so you go at your own pace… and is a great way to see the variety of talent in the visual arts that has long made Fort Greene famous. Some art you’ll see in the artist’s own working studios. Other art might be on display in the parlor of their home. And still others are on display in galleries or in retail stores. You can browse like you are visiting one of New York’s great gallery districts or museums (though one lined with historic brownstones and great restaurants, sidewalk cafes and shops!). You can also say to yourself… “that would be great to have on my wall at home!” — because much of the art will be available for purchase.

For a MAP and LISTING of the artists, visit

DEKALB AVENUE with all its restaurants, pubs, cafes and shops runs through the heart of the tour route, with about half the locations above Dekalb and the other half just below it. So download the map and artists’ listings, pick out the art that sounds interesting (and a couple of extras just to broaden your horizons!), plan your route and know that you have lots of opportunities to stop for a break along the way (that’s where the food & wine comes in).

FYI: The artist’s locations are open from 12 noon – 6:00PM on both Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine.

Earth Day 2009

– Bring your own shopping bag
– Return used hangers to your dry cleaner
– Use compact flourescent light bulbs (change them now! – you’ll save enough to make throwing away perfectly good, though ineffective regular bulbs)
– Tell your take-out/delivery places you’ll pass on the extra forks/knives when they deliver – after all, you have some in the drawer in your kitchen
– Is that espresso so hot you need a sleeve?
– Does that second glass of wine by the glass really require a second glass?
– Don’t patronize those “moving”, “trash-hauling”, or the “we’ll keep putting up unwanted flyers on anything that doesn’t move” companies. (How much plastic tape do they use anyway?)
– Shop local
– Eat local
– Play local

Add to this list. The possibilities are boundless…

Fort Greene: A “Green” destination



The website “” promotes “destinations off the island that are reachable without a car” therefore being “GREEN” outings. A recent post titled “A Spring Fling in Fort Greene” called-out Fort Greene as a “Green” adventure with DEKALB AVENUE destinations MADIBA and LOU LOU, plus nearby OLEA leading the way. Not only can people reach the heart of Fort Greene easily by the ever environmentally-friendly NYC subway from any part of Manhattan (Westside 2/3/B/D/A/C…. East Side 4/5… plus the Q/R/N and even the M/Z) and from Queens and Park Slope, there’s the beloved G-train!).

LONG ISLAND residents: leave your car on the island and get to Dekalb Avenue by taking the energy-efficient LIRR to Atlantic Avenue and walking along the tree-lined blocks of the Fort Greene Historic District – lined with 130-year-old brownstones that are filled with recycled and reused period materials inside and out!

FOOT POWER? Reduce your carbon footprint even more by taking a nice walk across the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridges to Fort Greene… made easier with thoughts of a bite to eat or something to drink waiting for you at an outdoor cafe at the end of your stroll.

Another “green” activity in Fort Greene: the BROOKLYN FLEA -with its vintage treasures and crafts it’s recycling raised to an art form. The BROOKLYN FLEA on Lafayette Avenue is only one block from restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and boutiques of DEKALB AVENUE and the Olmstead & Vaux masterpiece Fort Greene Park where the FARMER’S MARKET sets up shop every Saturday selling lots of… greens!

Dine In Brooklyn at 14 Restaurants on Dekalb

MARCH 23 – APRIL 2, 2009
Dine In Brooklyn_2009_Poster Download a MAP of the participating restaurants on DeKalb Avenue.

It’s Here! 10-days of terrific deals at some of New York’s most wonderful restaurants, right here on Dekalb Avenue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, USA. 3-courses for $23. And at some places two people get to enjoy 3-courses for $23. It’s all part of the Brooklyn Borough President’s “Dine In Brooklyn” promotion, and on Dekalb Avenue there are 14 restaurants participating – right here in the heart of Fort Greene, which the NY Times called “Brooklyn’s latest culinary mecca”. (3/8/09).

For more details and a complete list of restaurants participating in Brooklyn, go to

Fort Greene’s DeKalb Avenue is easy to get to with 10 subway lines (B/Q/N/R/2/3/4/5/C/G) and the B38 bus line right here. B/Q/N/R trains to DeKalb Avenue, 2/3/4/5 trains to Nevins Street, C train to Lafayette, G train to Fulton or Clinton-Washington.

Reservations are recommended. Beverages, tax and tip are not included – so please, do take care of the hard-working wait staff. And enjoy yourself!